Artist Dian Church Consults with Client
Fine Arts Painter & Mixed Media Artist 918-853-6595
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Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
24 x 30

Escape to Reality
mixed media on canvas
30 x 15

Chihuly Dream Series
acrylic on canvas
20 x 16

Everyone familiar with Dian Church's art knows she is one of those artists who enjoys exploring new mediums, styles and subjects. Such talent and variety ensures all art lovers will discover a piece fitting to their interests and/or decore.

While her standing inventory has plenty to offer, she gets the most pleasure creating commissioned works. After inviting you to her Home Studio to see her portfolio of past works, Dian visits your home to acquaint herself with your interests and taste in home decor. While every piece incorporates Dian's own style, she works closely with each client on every step of the process.

Dian paints in both watercolor and acrylic on various surfaces, including clay, which she first shapes into various subjects on board.

She describes her work as sometimes graphically realistic and sometimes totally abstract, but always with an emphasis on design and color. Her original paintings now grace collections nationwide.

Poppies in Vase
mixed media: clay on painted board
26 x 26
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Compote of Grapes
framed clay grapes & vines
on acrylic painted canvas

42 x 28

Green Flamingos
acrylic on canvas
24 x 24

Collaboration I
clay on wood carved by Maurice Clyma
10 x 9 x 7
Dian Church, a Tulsa native, received her art education through TCC, the University of Tulsa, and private workshops. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and often adds elements to her paintings that borrow from her photos, memories, and feelings from those places.

After co-owning a gallery for several years, she now paints with watercolor and acrylic from her studio/gallery, where she welcomes art patrons by appointment.

Please Contact Dian for an appointment at 918-853-6595

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